the starry sky on the himalayas

Anonymous: Hi! I read your blog and I see that you're sad and that your self esteem is not very high. I just wanted to let you know that I think you're very hot and there's no need to feel bad about yourself. You say you don't have friends but I can be your friend if you want to. Don't take this the wrong way I just wanted you to feel better. Stay strong bae xx
i was like:

You izzz kind

Anonymous: you can be whatever you darn please in life.. acting and astrophysics... why not? i want to do both acting and criminal investigation... so why not do both? you and me on the same boat buddy
i was like:

^_^ I hope ya reach your goals!

Lol Gabriel and his tricks.



Anonymous: Random question: do u like any sports?
i was like:

Well my bio says I’m on a national/sectional team for swimming. I watch swimming too, I play basketball and frisbee and I’m a Knicks fan

Anonymous: oh *_* hey hottie
i was like:

┬┐Que tal? XD

Whatever. I guess everyone has their issues. Even though I’ve been through 1st world problems since recently and 3rd world problems since the age 5, I guess yea, everyone has their demons. Sorry.